Edusanté – Mediplus


Edusanté is a group of medical prep schools for the health faculty entry exam. The high success rate of their candidates attests of their pedagogical excellence. Edusanté initially contacted THEIA for the implementation of an LMS in winter 2020. Edusanté had contacted Theia for the implementation of an LMS at the beginning of winter 2020.


The sanitary situation of spring 2020 accelerated the adoption of digital tools; particularly deploying THEIA’s exam tool on a national scale. While most of the mock exams were supposed to be done in-person and on paper, the school team had to organise mid-year exams in record time

Retour d'experience

The speed of adaptation of the teams of the Edusanté has made it possible to preserve and highlight the educational excellence of the group. The ease of use of THEIA’s platform as well as the help provided by its support team enabled the process.


As a result, Edusanté group is now moving towards a more hybrid teaching with the support of THEIA

En quelques chiffres

More than 30,000 copies already composed by more than 11,000 students (chiffres a actualiser sur la version francaise aussi) for 30 digital exam sessions. 1,000 synchronous candidates on one exam session.