Our mission

Teaching brings together learners, teaching teams, administrative, support and education services around a common ambition and project.
Theia, at the service of everyone, endorses the following mission: “to measure and motivate everyone’s progress”.

“Measuring and motivating everyone’s progress” means first and foremost enrolling learners in a formative trajectory of excellence where demands and pleasure constantly respond to each other. It also means ensuring a fair environment that maximizes everyone’s chances.

“Measuring and motivating the progress of all” means offering teaching teams modern tools, adapted to the challenges of training and new forms of hybrid pedagogy. It is still allowing
teaching communities to progress in their practices by promoting a collaborative and transversal approach.

“Measuring and motivating the progress of all” marks the possibility offered to the pedagogical directors and
administrations to pilot ambitious projects, capitalizing on best practices, and offering
the flexibility necessary for the continuous improvement of practices or the management of atypical situations.

Our history

Why would a scholarship student not have the same chances of passing the medical examination?
This question is at the origin of our fight.

Yet the examination, the marks, the selection of candidates were advertised as fair and equitable. A teacher,
an examiner or a recruiter did not favor anyone a priori. Nevertheless, how many errors, how many variations in the
scoring between each other, what difficulties in accessing the corrected exams as well as resources
necessary for a perfect preparation.

So where was the solution?

How to restore hope and motivation to all those who brave grades and competitions?

Because after all, learning is already success!
Digital, the performance of an easy-to-access, reliable and impartial digital platform, was essential. After
months of reflection, development, meetings with everyone, voluntary and ambitious, we found the code.
A code that restores trust. A code that gives everyone a chance. A code that encourages progress in the
awareness. A unique code at the service of education and success.
Students in medicine, law, engineering, commerce or professionals from all fields:
A simple code opens the door wide. Enter THEIA!

Our team


Flavien Reille


Sebastien Abdi

General manager

Guillaume Lannez



Adrien Becauart

Partnerships Officer

Eduard Otin Ruffini

Spain/Latam partnership manager


Gautier Duccoterd

Product Owner

Support and Training

Émilie Besse – Support and training manager

Lou Cambie – Support and Training Officer

Vincent Ghezzi – Support and training manager


Guillaume Lannez – CTO

Emmanuel Farcis – Developer

Paulien Marange – Developer