Gautier Ducotterd becomes
Product Director and Support & Training Manager at THEIA

THEIA places the quality of its platform and the experience of its users at the heart of its development model. The digital education market is accelerating, the needs of our partners are varied and complex. In such an environment, our product function takes on its full importance. To achieve our goal of a universal assessment platform, Gautier Ducotterd, an educational technician since 2019, will take up the position of Product Director and Support and Training Manager from April 6.

His priority missions will be to optimize and improve the implementation of our product roadmap. In the same logic of product culture enriched by our partners, he will supervise user support.

Gautier Ducotterd, 35, a graduate in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of GrenobleAlpes, began his career in the field of sociological study and analysis, first at the Pacte laboratory in Grenoble then at the Institute of survey. He joined Theia in 2019.

“With several years of supporting our users, Gautier has in-depth knowledge of digital pedagogy. We are happy to be able to count on his expertise to support our development plan » Flavien Reille, President

“I am delighted and enthusiastic to be able to bring Theia’s ambition even further around the development of our platform. The daily support of our users reflects the desire to be able to make our solution desirable for everyone and it is in this sense that the development and enrichment of the product comes to support » Gautier Ducotterd, Product Director