HEC Paris is always looking to offer its teaching staff the best available solutions to conduct their projects.

HEC was looking for a digital platform that lived up to its reputation: combining pedagogical excellence, precise settings possibilities in order to secure their exams with a reliable technology.


A proof of concept with the finance department was conducted in winter 2019. Its aim was to validate pedagogical aims were achieved, that the solution was easy to use, and that the tool was robust.

Following this successful pilot, THEIA was supposed to be deployed for September 2020. The lock-down accelerated this process: almost half of the candidates to the end of term exams were invited to a THEIA digital exam.

The availability of the school’s team, the teachers and THEIA’s support & training team made the project possible in a record time.

The confinement has accelerated the process:

The proximity of the education teams, teachers and Theia’s “Uses and Innovation” team made the project possible in record time.


THEIA’s team understanding of HEC’s needs and organisation facilitated the deployment of the solution.

Having tested the solution in winter 2019 undoubtably allowed HEC to react faster than other institutions in an unprecedented situation.


THEIA’s software proved to simply logistics associated with exam organisation and exceeded expectations in terms :

exam design, copies and corrections restitutions and post-exam data analytics

In a few numbers

More than 2,500 copies were submitted during the lock-down period