Banking School


The ESB is the benchmark organization for initial and continuing training in banking professions. In particular, the ESB has been issuing AMF certification since 2010. The ESB was looking for a reliable and robust tool to welcome candidates for AMF certification: from their preparation to the exam.


Theia teams took part in the process and business transformation project. Quite quickly, the perimeter exceeded the strict AMF certification.


The spring 2020 period highlighted the plasticity of the platform to adapt to the particular context of confinement. The support capacity of Theia’s “Uses and Innovation” teams helped the ESB to respond to the emergency while preserving business requirements.


Spring 2020 will have been an accelerator for practices and the transition to digital tools. Theia and the ESB are working towards more integration of systems and are betting on an innovative project of evaluation by validation of fields of competence.

In a few numbers

In 6 months nearly 6000 accounts were created on two platforms. Nearly 25 days of project management largely contributed to the quality of exchanges and the ease of deployment from January 2020.