Creation of an online questionnaire: gain in simplicity with THEIA

The coronavirus health crisis has highlighted the need for educational institutions to be able to transfer face-to-face sequences to remote sequences. This applies particularly to the organization of examinations and the establishment of educational resources as a whole.

Thanks to Theia, your privileged partner in the creation of online exams and digital training and assessment, you will be able to negotiate this shift with the greatest fluidity and the resilience necessary for crisis contexts and hazards.

To create an online questionnaire , don’t hesitate to use Théia’s modular and intuitive solutions.

Creating an online questionnaire: a revolution within your reach

The digital transition is simple when you know how to surround yourself with the best tools. For an online knowledge assessment, Theia provides you with adapted solutions, designed and shaped to optimize your time and ultimately allow you to make significant logistical or financial savings. Measuring and motivating everyone’s progress: this is the mission of the Theia team, which has thus developed tools allowing you to free yourself from old patterns for an easier and thus more educationally relevant creation of online questionnaires . Solutions that have gained even more visibility at the time of Covid-19, but which in any case were already essential before. The health crisis has underlined the need for schools or training centers to equip themselves to accelerate their digital transition.

The benefits of creating an online questionnaire

Before, creating a questionnaire involved many time-consuming and potentially costly steps that can now be avoided. Many steps being simplified for more accurate results. But how does the process work? First, you create your quiz or exams online. Theia solutions allowing you to shape your exams as you wish.

You create your questions, you organize your files by managing a collaborative bank of resources, and you benefit from pooling and sharing between establishments. All the power of the Theia solution then allows you to use an automatic correction system, which can also be semi-automatic or manual. You choose.

The creation of an online questionnaire also gives you access to detailed examination statistics. You can also choose the best docimological content and opt for indexing by skills. Many training centers, universities and other educational establishments have already opted for the creation of online questionnaires . The benefits include better evaluation by skills, real time savings, greater security and real simplicity. Everything takes place here according to refined processes to allow you to concentrate on the essentials thanks to digital technology.

Theia, your partner in the creation of online exams , accompanies you and makes you benefit from the best digital tools. Tools that will allow you to adapt more easily, while saving you time and money. All while relying on a system designed to bring you full satisfaction and fully meet your requirements.